It’s our anniversary! Since November 6th, 2006, we’ve been committed to bringing our unique brand of fresh, clean food to the Antelope Valley by way of excellent service.

“Food brings people together,” said Maria Elena Grado, who loves to see the customers sitting at tables in her cozy cafe, enjoying the food, the atmosphere and good conversation. The Lemon Leaf is one place where you’re almost certain to see the town’s movers and shakers doing their power lunches on any given day. “This is a place for community,” Grado said. Indeed, if the opposing sides broke bread together, or maybe a barbecue chicken pizza, they’d probably forger all about the acrimony, at least for a while. In addition to catering, the restaurant has expanded to sell speciality imported items from Italy.  Grado encourages her staff to work together and act as leaders. Brian Gregg, for example started as a server, went to culinary school and then served as line chef. It’s the customers who give the staff plenty of opportunity to show their stuff. Please come by and visit sometime!

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